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In order to promote independent living and reduce isolation, volunteers provide transportation to and from health care appointments, to pick up prescription medication, and to stores for shopping trips. We are able to shop with you if you need a hand. If you wish to visit a spouse in a facility, we are here for you. We require 48-hour notice in advance to coordinate transportation needs. Volunteers use their own vehicles to provide this service.

In 2016, we provided 6,750 rides.



Another way we promote independent living for our elders and people with disabilities is through the construction of wheelchair ramps by our volunteers. Most of us are able to comfortably to enter and exit our homes. Some of our physically disabled neighbors find it difficult, if not impossible, to leave their homes as stairs become a major obstacle. It is possible that some of these folks could have to give up their independence by moving from their home due to their inability to come and go or to access necessary services.

In 2016, we built or repaired ramps.



Following a home assessment, our volunteers can install a grab bar, replace a screen, make small plumbing repairs, and complete other similar minor household repairs or safety modifications.

In 2016, we made 66 minor home repairs and/or safety modifications.



Following a home assessment, our volunteers perform general yard work. This includes raking leaves, pulling weeds, limited trimming of trees and bushes, and hauling yard waste. Yard work is performed once a season.

Mowing or cutting the long grass with a green lawn mower in the summer sun